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school district, but lack of funding resources. let's just face it, d or better is a lie to our students. if we say that we are graduating a-g because you have greater opportunity for college entrance, but also to take an exam to perhaps get into a union job. it is really a lie to our students a d or better. if we have students that graduate only d's or better that is not giving them more opportunity. that is actually not coming through with our promise to these students. so just to let folks knowing that we're doing d or better now, but why we need the numbers for c or better is because we need know what we need to do to get those students ready to graduate c or better. it is our intention, i think, to deliver on our promise to
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our students, that will give them great opportunity and that greater opportunity is a c or better. i especially want to thank the youth commissioner for coming out in support of this funding for credit recovery for the students and actually asking really, really thoughtful questions. i appreciate their support and also their greater interest in this. because they realize and know students who are struggling to meet these high requirements. thank you. >> thank you, commissioner. one thing that i would like to discuss at some point and i don't know that today is necessarily the day to do this, but as we're looking at the objective of giving every student the opportunity to go to college by allowing them to meet these requirements. the focus isn't necessarily on what
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the school district is doing, but i would like to say more and have more of a discussion about what else the city can do to help the school district reach that objective? and i know that there is additional supportal funding that supervisor kim has introduced. and a number of us are supportive of that. but i would like to have an even greater discussion that goes beyond the specific amount of money. but what else is it that we can do to collectively reach that objective? because to the extent that resources are a big problem here, is there -- are there additional things that the city can do with the resources that we do have to help in this effort? and to me, that discussion will also involve a discussion about what
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different city agencies, what role they can play in this effort? you know, what is it -- what kind of support system is needed to help a student achieve academic success? and academic success doesn't just happen in the classroom. it's something that requires an entire community school district has the responsibility to make it happen. so i would like to figure out how we as a city and county can be even more helpful? because i think that we're all in it together. president chiu. >> thank you, mr. chair.
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i was going to make a similar point and certainly in the context of november 6th and we don't know what is going to happen at the state level and what is going to happen with funding, but we're all the wayed with baited breath to see what would happen in the beginning of november and to ask if school district officials can help us think through. we need to think on the city and what we can do to be the type of partner that the city and county ought to be with vis-a-vis the san francisco unified school district. so i'm very interested in this conversation as well. i want to make a moment and thank all of you for being part of this conversation, particularly the young folks who are here. because your voices, a-g for a lot of folks, people can intellectualize it, but it is helpful to hear how it impacts the lives of students and your future. so thank you for being here. x thank you very much.
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and again, i think it's important for us to continue this conversation. i don't know that we have to do it within the context of this item and i think there are different ways of structuring the discussion. so i would ask that we file this item, if we could have a motion by commissioner fewer. seconded by commissioner mendoza. if we can do that without objection. i will certainly bring this issue back and i think it makes sense for us to do so after -- sometime after the november election when we have a better sense of where things are. but i think that even if the measures pass, i think there is a lot more that the city has to do. and, by the way, one of the things that i am interested in doing and will be doing in the next couple of weeks is introducing a motion to expand the make-up of this committee
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or least to consider including city college. because i don't think we can have a full picture of how we're educating young people in the city without having city college at the table. so i look forward to that conversation. the last point that i will make is that i do want to acknowledge mr. hoover lydell, who is in the audience and the reason i want to acknowledge him because he has been an institution in the school district for many, many years. when i started as a lawyer working on the consent decree, hoover served as an expert in the court and i'm glad that the school district continues to use his efforts. he has benefited thousands and thousands of young people over the years. so i'm glad to see that. so mr. clerk, is there any other business before the committee?
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>> that completes the agenda. >> that completes the agenda and the meeting is adjourned and two words go giants!
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October 28, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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